Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiffany inspired mani!!

I was stuck on what mani to do next when I took my polish off last night, until I realized I had never done a Tiffany&Co mani! I mean, it only makes sense that I should have done one a while ago considering my name is Tiffany!

my thumb, middle finger, and pinky are matte just like the box! and sorry about the streak “&” on my pinky. i thought it was dry already when i put the matte top coat but i was wrong ):

i personally LOVE this mani! my thumb has a heart because most of the time, Tiffany jewelry is purchases by a love one! My index finger is a diamond necklace, middle finger is the box with a cute little ribbon, my ring finger is a little different. I chose to make it glittery&sparkly because when I think of Tiffany&Co jewelry, I think of shiny diamond rings! So I want my ring fingernail to shine like a diamond ring too (: And last but not least, my pinky with just a little logo on it!

Colors used:
China Glaze - For Audrey, Lorelei's Tiara
Art Deco - black striper
L.A. club - silver glitter striper
Sinful Colors - white striper
Essie - Matte About You

Thursday, November 17, 2011

half mani freestyle

This mani was done about two nights ago. I was feeling so uninspired, so I decided to look through one of my favorite nail blogs My Nails Are Dope. I found this design on one of her color wheels she finished for cosmetology school and i LOVED it! so naturally i just HAD to try it myself. it turned out pretty but definitely not as neat and clean as how Sara's is! Hope you like the mani (:

Monday, November 14, 2011

cupcake nails!

Today I have an easy mani that ive seen so many blogs do before! My cousin came over for the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight and she decided she wanted her nails done since she literally never paints her nails! She even thinks her nails are manly.-__- not. Her nails looked so cute by the time I was done with them! BTW, sorry for the bad quality picture! I completely forgot to take a picture when I was done with it so I had to contact her to send me a pic. I believe this is cell phone quality

Colors used:
OPI Pamplona Purple
Opi Funky Dunkey
China Glaze Poinsettia (for the cherry)
purple nail art stripe brush (for cupcake liner)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fashion Polish Giveaway!

So one of my favorite blogs that I've been following for a while is finally hosting a giveaway for her one year blogaversary! I'm so excited. She and another blogger Sara from My Nails Are Dope were actually the two who made me want to start a blog because I'm still kind of new and I wanted to show off some of my designs and learn a few from other bloggers. So make sure to check out Fashion Polish for some awesome nails! She also posts up swatches of upcoming collections which is a plus! I promise you won't be disappointed. And also join the giveaway. It wouldn't hurt to get her more followers (:

EDIT: Fashion Polish is overing giveaways throughout this whole month! So make sure to join them all! She's currently giving away MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH!

blue based leopard print

Hi everyone! For my first physical nail post, i decided to post a mani i made when i first began doing nail art. This was my very first attempt at leopard print and I think i did a pretty good job considering I was still learning. Sorry for the lack of photos! I kno nail blogs usually have a bunch of pictures with sunlight, indoor, flash, etc. I promise in the next posts I will have those! Hope you enjoyed this. I think its really simple to do for first timers (:

Colors used:
China Glaze - For Audrey
China Glaze - Shower Together
Art Deco - black striper
Hard Candy - Matte-ly in Love